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Ash Handling System
This system is completely leakage proof and ash even in small quantity does not spill out. Each of the equipment adjusted to this system is crafted from best quality raw material to avoid any type of contamination. It requires less energy to work and provides handling of ash for a very long time. Furthermore, this system is helpful in handling huge amount of ash at various places like construction sites, cleaning machines, etc.
Biomass Handling System
This Biomass Handling System runs on optimum energy and provides the handling of biomass gas for a long time. Every equipment that is adjusted to this system is processed under advanced machines by making the use of robust techniques. It provides the transferring and storing of biomass gas in large quantity without incurring any leakage or contamination.
Belt Conveyor
This Belt Conveyor is able to convey various items flawlessly from one place to other. The surface of this belt conveyor is crafted from best quality alloys so that no contamination occurs on it. Having an ability to withstand heavy weight, this conveyor can work effectively for a very long time. Furthermore, it can be installed manually in big conveying machines or trolleys. 
Belt Conveyor Accessories
Being crafted out of best quality raw material, the complete range of this Belt Conveyor Accessories is light in weight and highly durable. These accessories provide efficiency to the belt conveyors for their flawless movement in a rapid manner. These are compact in size and do not require any type of oiling and greasing.
Bucket Elevator
This Bucket Elevator consists of many small buckets attached to it for conveying liquids from one place to another. Being made of best quality alloys, no any internal damage occurs in this elevator. Every equipment that is attached to this elevator is crafted by making the use of special techniques. Furthermore, it is completely corrosion free and leak proof. 
Coal Handling System
Our Coal Handling System consists of a tripper conveyor system that is used for bunker feeding. This complete system has special features like dust extraction, suppression, etc, to avoid any type of damage. It can effectively handle the coal at various construction sites and structures. The entire range of equipment attached to this system are robustly made to give it a corrosion free surface and a longer servicing life.  
This Crusher provides adequate crushing and can work for a very long time. The entire range of equipments attached to this unit is manufactured from superior quality alloys. Due to this, it has a completely corrosion free surface and can also withstand a large amount of weight. It has a leakage free internal surface so that no spillage occurs when this crusher is under working condition. 
Having a large surface area, this Chain Conveyor can convey the items with heavy weight and does not incur any damage. It has a very high speed functioning chain that provides swift conveying. Being made of superior quality alloys, its surface is free from any type of contamination. Along with it, all the equipments that are attached to it have high durability.
Screw Conveyor
This Screw Conveyor is used to convey various types of liquids and solid granules at a high speed. The entire range of equipments that are adjusted to this conveyor are crafted by using the best quality alloys. Due to this, no degradation occurs on the surface of this system. Furthermore, these can be attached to large conveying machines for carrying out effective conveying.
Vibrating Screen
Having a wide range of application at various places, this Vibrating Screen can effectively separate the feeds with solid particles from wet or dry faces. It can attain a high speed vibration for proper separation of the particles. It has extra features like corrosion free surface, light in weight and leakage proof surface. Furthermore, it can work flawlessly for a considerably long time.
Dust Extraction System
This Dust Extraction System has a corrosion free surface and dust do not cause any harm to it. All the equipments attached to this system are crafted out of best quality alloys so that no contamination occurs on them. In addition to it, being completely leakage proof, this system is able to extract dust swiftly without incurring any damage.

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